I am Jason: Slayer of Countertops

August 16, 2009


It’s not often I get to use the reciprocating saw. But there is a big empty space now where the kitchen counters used to be. They will be replaced this week, after which I will experiment with kitchen sink-installing. I am not proficient in the plumbing, so that will be an adventure.

Macy says hello to the Quaedamers

April 4, 2008


FROM JASON’S GNAW-MARKED SOFA — This little monster is the reason (one of them) that updates have been sparse on the ol’ blag this week.

Many of you will remember that my wife and I adopted Macy, the canine poop factory, a couple of months ago. Well, she’s potty trained now but demands a lot of attention these days because she’s teething and testing the house rules about which objects she may chew to ribbons.

Don’t be fooled: She’s my good little girl. Her head’s resting my lap while I type this. She just needs to learn to channel her energy, and a lot of that puppy trouble will disappear once she loses her baby teeth, the vet tells me. We’ll see, Mister Vet. We’ll see.

Also, I recently sold my house and need to hand over the keys June 4. That means I have been feverishly working to find a newer, nicer house with more room — and I need to find it fast or risk the dreaded double-move. I’ve been touring houses for sale like mad this week, and that’s draining precious blag time.

Anyway, Andrew and I have a shit-ton we want to talk about, including a great (?) new web game we’ve discovered, a recent DS release, how his girlfriend’s musical tastes are clearly superior to his, and a tactical fantasy game that Andrew loves and I won’t play.

It’s all coming, dog-gone-it.

It’s coming: The Week of Cartoons draws nigh

March 21, 2008

THE BOOK OF JASON Ch. 8 v. 7-10: And lo, the waters parted and there stood before Him a multitude of the shows of the 1980s. And they were animated. The LORD thy Jason looked upon them and said, “It is good.” And the drawings did move, and did they battle with each other.

Seven days. Seven brands of awesome.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull trailer

February 14, 2008

FROM JASON’S NAPPING DOG — Sorry it’s been quiet on the blag lately. I’ve been potty training the damn dog and Andrew’s been studying, and neither one of us have had much spare time.

To make up for it, here’s the Indiana Jones IV trailer released by Paramount earlier today. Get your nerd on.