We’re on the Encyclopedia Dramatica

FROM JASON’S BLOG STATS — Good news? We’re now officially a part of the Encyclopedia Dramatica’s page about 4scrape.

I recently noticed that a few errant hits to Quaedam (pronounced ka-DAMN!) came from the “encyclopedia” entry over there. Following the link, I found that I was quoted as saying…

The obvious benefit is that it allows you to skip over the retardation, racism, sexism, abuse, degeneracy, neo-Nazism, and spam that populates those types of boards. All you want to see are the images, and that’s exactly what 4scrape gives you.

…Which is true, and came from a post a couple of weeks ago. And I’m okay with being a Lol fag.

First we storm the sarcasticly-written wikis, and then the world!


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