4scrape’s new gimmick is visual cocaine

FROM JASON’S DESKTOP — If you’re an adult, and you’re looking for desktop wallpaper in any other way than 4scrape, then you are doing it wrong.

That’s because whoever recently updated the site is a god-damned genius.

4scrape has an engine that will load random wallpapers scooped off image boards like 4chan and archived. It used to be that you could load a handful of these random images, look them over, and refresh the page to see another bunch.

The obvious benefit is that it allows you to skip over the retardation, racism, sexism, abuse, degeneracy, neo-Nazism, and spam that populates those types of boards. All you want to see are the images, and that’s exactly what 4scrape gives you.

But now, 4scrape has gone one step better: You don’t even have to refresh the page anymore. Instead, you can load it up and scroll down, and the scripting will keep loading a never-ending stream of uninterrupted wallpaper goodness. No back button. No waiting to refresh. No interruptions.

For desktop-o-philes like me, this is visual crack. I scrolled for 45 minutes last night and saved 23 amazing new background images, including classical paintings, landscapes, futurist concept renderings, and one showing the Hulk going apeshit on Wolverine.

If you’re a prude (and the reason that I stipulated in the first paragraph that you must be an adult), then brace yourself for pornography. You will get boobies and varies body cavities as you keep scrolling through the wallpapers.

But if you’re relatively enlightened (read: grown up and not shackled by a religiously-compelled inability to practice discernment), then you should have no problem. You be set loose in a veritable Wonka’s chocolate factory of colorful art.

This is what the Web should be. This is how smart all content providers should aspire to become.

Of course, if you’re not just browsing (I almost always am), you can always go to 4scrape’s main page and use the search field to hunt for something specific.


2 Responses to 4scrape’s new gimmick is visual cocaine

  1. blah says:

    Your blog entry is mentioned…neat-0

  2. siftsleder says:

    http://fuguri.org alternative

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