Axis rancors attack Allied forces

FROM JASON’S RANCOR OBSESSION — I’ve seen some interesting wallpaper shoops lately that insert AT-ATs into World War II photos. Well, I’m a huge Star Wars fan and I couldn’t sleep Wednesday night, thanks in part to a Reese’s Pieces high, so I began toying lazily with Photoshop while listening to Dave and Joel’s Fast Karate for the Gentleman.

While I love me some AT-ATs (aka the Gobots Guardian Command Center), I’ve always had a thing for the rancor, and longed for one of the prequels to have a sequence on its home world, Domitian. No dice.

After a couple of hours toying with masks and contrast, I inserted five rancors into the ranks of attacking Axis hordes. They’re all yours. Click to enbiggen.

Anyway, it was time to do something a little lighthearted and fanciful after all the heavy political junk I’ve been posting. Hopefully, giant space monsters running amok in black and white glory does the trick.


One Response to Axis rancors attack Allied forces

  1. a1979shakedown says:

    Haha beautiful!

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