Hear that? It’s Puddy. Again. No joke.

FROM JASON’S TOTALLY HETERO OBSERVATIONS — This is so unlike me, because he doesn’t have boobs.

But everywhere I look, I see David Puddy. Or more accurately, I hear the very distinctive voice of Patrick Warburton.

This guy is on every channel, simultaneously. He’s got his own sitcom, Rules of Engagement, which is bad (mainly because of David Spade). But he’s also the voice of Joe on Family Guy, the voice of Brock on The Venture Bros., and Kronk in both The Emporer’s New Groove movie and weekly cartoon (which is surprisingly still running).

He’s been in Bee Movie, Robot Chicken, Kim Possible, Underdog, Less Than Perfect (thank god that was canceled), The Batman, Sky High, Men In Black II, Big Trouble (Dave Barry, your humor does not translate to the big screen), Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (an awesome cartoon that I watched every morning before work), Scream 3, Hercules (the Disney version), and let’s not forget The Tick….

OK, I’ll stop IMDBing you now.

But my point is that just about I every time I flip through the channels with my wife, she ends up muttering, “Is that Puddy?” The reference, of course, goes to Warburton’s… um… stoic?… character on Seinfeld. Spotting his voice has even become somewhat of a game with us. Can you imagine the number of W-2 forms this guy has to turn in every April? Day-um.

So the thing I can’t figure out is motive. A lot of the stuff Warburton does is geeky, but I’m not sure whether he’s being typecast because of his signature elocution or whether he’s a real geek like Andrew and me. If his sense of humor matches (a lot of) his characters’, then I think he’s the kind of guy I’d want to hang out with. I mean, I think Joe has more spin-off potential than Cleveland.


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