Christopher Hitchens Illustrated Speech

INTELLIGENTLY DESIGNED IN SIX MINUTES BY ANDREW — Christopher Hitchens gets a lot of bad press because of his abrasive personality and thoughts towards organized religion. I, however, still thing they guy is incredibly intelligent and that he makes some great points about the subject.

While he may be angry at times, remember that he only uses words. He has never physically attacked anyone nor he has never promoted outright violence against religion. I believe this is an important point; many theists would like to paint him as an almost religious terrorist, which makes me laugh at the irony of the statement.

The idea that somehow religion has the right to be safe from any criticism or disagreement is absurd. We should be able to discuss religion in an open dialog, free from any fear of retaliation. This idea is the one idea that the Middle Eastern regimes fear most, and it is the one idea that we must fight to protect the hardest.

Anyways, here are some videos by Hitches discussing religion that I thought were very interesting. He discusses the basis of Christianity and how it makes almost no moral sense.


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