It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Captain Disillusion!

FROM JASON’S CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS — If you like our blog, you’re probably not the kind of moron who believes in Bigfoot, buys into grainy UFO videos, believes conspiracy theories, or accepts everything you see on theYouTubes.

In all likelihood, you’re probably more like this guy, sans demi-face paint:

Captain Disillusion is a modern-day skepti-hero, battling crime, intergalactic warlords, and… oh, yes… absurd pop culture legends and video fakeries.

I ran across mention of CD on The Amazing Randi’s site last week and immediately subscribed to his YouTube channel, where 3-to-4-minute shorts debunk videos of ghosts, angelic visitations, and visitors from other worlds.

I can’t help but like this guy. He’s concocted this alter-ego who speaks with the elocution of Derek Zoolander but with the wit of Ze Frank and the looks of John Henson. Mix his cocksure skepticism with a distinctly MST3K opening, clever video editing, and surprisingly above-average special effects, and you’ve got a winner. In short, this guy is to skeptical thinking what Yahtzee Croshaw is to video games.

I’m not sure why he wears chav clothes, though.

I especially like this video because I live in the Cleveland area where this embarassing bit of not-quite-journalism aired. The station is 19 Action News on the local CBS affiliate and the reporter is Lynna Lai. The “ghost” had gullible people jabbering for days about paranormal activity and it had me brooding about the decline of media reliability.

Spoilers: There’s no ghost. It’s a bug on the camera lens. Captain Disillusion takes the mouth-breathers to task.

A large portion of Captain Disillusion’s nine-episode library focuses on debunking faked YouTube videos, like the supposed invasion of Haiti by flying saucers. With a little movie magic, he explains how an entirely computer-generated video has become a holy grail for UFO retards enthusiasts.

Other videos by Captain Disillusion:
Low passing plane debunk
Fire angel debunk
“Catching glass” explanation
Ghost caught by dog debunk
Mirror ghost girl debunk
Penguin slap debunk

Of course, if you want to really get your skepti-groove on, I can’t recommend enough The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe podcast.


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