Music Monday: The Briefs and Foo Fighters

1. The Briefs — Getting Hit on at the Bank

Vodpod videos no longer available.

There’s a certain arrogance about this song’s premise that makes me grin. Every young guy is a strutting cock (on a couple of levels) and there’s nothing more satisfying than getting hit on anywhere.

Getting Hit on at the Bank would normally hit me as too pop for its own good and the video is pretty low-budget clichĂ©, but it’s that assuming ego that really gets me. There’s also great use of negative space when the music completely stops for an almost spoken delivery.


2. Foo Fighters — Stairway to Heaven (kind of)

Let’s get the shocking admissions out of the way first: I would totally go gay for Dave Grohl, and so would you. Admit it. Search your feelings. You know it to be true. The man is amazing, and the Foos are probably the best mainstream band of the last dozen years.

Okay, next: This clip from the now-canceled Craig Kilborne late-night show is hilarious. Dave and Taylor Hawkins are just playing around on the spot with Stairway, and Dave doesn’t know the words. Funny enough — but now skip forward to the 3:20 mark and listen to the jam. While Grohl doesn’t know the words, he knows the guitar solo well enough to play the rhythm line and scat the lead overtop.


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