Samberg’s non-sequiter goofiness is good for SNL

FROM JASON’S SNL RE-RUN CACHE — Maybe it’s the random avarice with a smile, or Andy Samberg’s glee as he assaults innocents. It could be the unrestrained mirth of a white boy dancing with pointer fingers in the air.

Maybe it’s that the name Andy Samberg sounds suspiciously like Adam Sandler (his real name is David Andrew Samberg). Or very possibly, it’s the tinker-toy-ish music and zombies.

Whatever the reason, I think this video is hilarious. It’s like a Fisher Price version of a snuff film.

I haven’t watched Saturday Night Live in a long time, mainly because I was raised in the Chris Farley, Tim Meadows, Will Farrell, Chris Kattan, David Spade, Mike Myers, Tracy Morgan era. Lorne Michaels swears that every generation of SNL viewers latches on to a specific cast and hates when newcomers take over.

Maybe that’s true. It’s possible that I’m being horribly, unjustly prejudicial when I say SNL isn’t funny anymore.

For the first time in months, I caught about an hour of the show on Saturday night — a re-run, thanks to the writer’s strike. Most of it wasn’t enough to make me smile, let alone laugh, but the video above was the one bright moment that made me remember that TV can still create memes.

I think it’s funny, though, that the one thing I really enjoyed in the show was the element that broke SNL’s rules. The new “SNL digital short” segment isn’t live at all — it’s pre-taped and has more in common with TV Funhouse than Operaman.

Samberg’s digital shorts produced the only other segment in recent memory that sticks in my mind as funny and innovative: The ubiquitous “Dick In a Box” music video featuring Justin Timberlake.

PS: Sorry about the low video quality. You wouldn’t believe how hard it was to find a copy online.


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