Aren’t you a little short to be a stormtrooper?

That AT-ST is about to bite it one blaster bolt at a time.FROM JASON’S NEW 3D CARD — Who needs heavies and medics when you have sniper droids and snowtroopers?

I have to admit I don’t care much about Team Fortress 2. The people who were most excited about its release have already given it up to the 13-year-old griefers.

Meanwhile, Andrew and I both just picked up Star Wars: Best of PC, and have been kicking plasticine armor and taking names on the original Battlefront.

Sure, it’s old — released first in 2004 — but who cares?

swb4.jpgBattlefront is all about Skyping screams of “close the blast doors!” and “open the blast doors!” while running around the rancor pit, lobbing proton missiles at an AT-ST, or zooming through Endorian forests on a speeder.

I’ve had the PS2 port of SW:B1 for years, but like so many casual gamers I’ve never hooked my console up to the net.

That’s where you find the real action. Shooting AI rebels has its merits, I suppose, but these days MMOs have ruined me on the single-player experience.


My favorite part is that human players (at least the n00bs) have a blind spot. They rarely look up before it’s too late, which makes finding a crow’s nest to rain down fiery red laser death especially fun.

The PC version looks infinitely better than on the PS2, thanks to several things — my new graphics card chief among them. The shadows and landscape are both rendered more smoothly and in greater detail, and there’s the added bonus of being able to play in third or first person (PS2 only allows third, but I’m finding first is far, far superior).


On a side note, Andrew and I have both committed unparalleled heresy. Our screen names, respectively, are Jean-Luc and Riker (I’ve got the beard). I can only hope the screams of anguished Lucas fanboys distract them long enough for us to circle around and pincer attack with blasters.

So far, just Battlefront has justified the $35 box price for Best of PC. The bundle has four other titles — Empire at War, Knights of the Old Republic, Jedi Knight II, and Republic Commando — plus a two-week trial to Galaxies.


One Response to Aren’t you a little short to be a stormtrooper?

  1. Sail says:

    Oh wow, Battlefront was the first FPS I ever played and I played obsessively. Ever play Battlefront 2? It’s exactly the same, only better. Basically a perfect sequel.

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