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SCREAMING FROM THE DEPTHS OF OBLIVION A.K.A ANDREW’S PSYCHE–Jason and I love music, just not each others music. It is extremely interesting to find that for all of the similar tastes we share in our geekeries and hobbies, we are extremely polarized when it comes to music. Actually, it’s more of a hit or miss situation in which we totally agree or disagree on the quality of a song. As you saw in Jason’s previous music post, he tends to navigate towards classic rock to folky-grunge music with a focus on overall tone and melody with less emphasis on technicality or musicianship.

On the other hand, I prefer the Wall of Sound™© as Jason likes to call it. I place huge props towards individual musicianship as well as their ability to play in an ensemble. Obviously much of this has to do with the difference in our age, him being almost eight years my elder and prime example of a Generation X’er while I on the other hand almost epitomize the internet generation. As for other factors, I’m not sure how much they have affected our differences within music, perhaps our childhood environment played a large part in our musical development or maybe our family and friends played a large role. It’s hard to discern the point of derivation in our likes and dislikes.

Frankly, I just find Jason’s music boring.

1) Fall of Troy — Whacko Jacko Steals the Elephant Man’s Bones

Fall of Troy represents what I personally feel to be the most dynamic and engaging music to be performed recently. Utilizing multiple key signatures, complex time signatures, and an overall dissonant harmonic feel while still maintaining solid song structure. While many may find the harsh vocals as well as the confusing structure to be a bit pungent for their audio palette, Fall of Troy certainly manages to whet mine. Similar bands such as Protest the Hero are simply amazing to listen to when it comes to this “math” based music.

2) Coheed and Cambria — Delirium Trigger

Coheed and Cambria is probably the most well known band on my list today, but that by no means diminishes their quality of music. Modern versions of progressive rock bands like Rush, Coheed has released several concept albums which focus on a central, sci-fi based storyline which would eventually be translated into comic book form. Lead singer Claudio Sanchez certainly brings a very distinct vocal color to the ensemble with a falsetto-esque voice that certainly separates them from the pack. I choose Delirium Trigger, an earlier song of theirs, because the constant build of momentum that progresses throughout the song just rises to epic proportions.

3)Yoko Kanno featuring Origa — Inner Universe

I am a huge fan of the anime Ghost in the Shell and that includes the wonderful composer who wrote the music for the show, Yoko Kanno. Mixing western composition ideals with electronic and jazz influences, we get a wonderfully dynamic and original collection of music. Inner Universe features Russian vocalist Origa, a long time friend, who adds an almost operatic feel to the song.

Kanno is also known for her popular song Tank!, the opening piece to Cowboy Bepop as well as the rest of the soundtrack to the show.

4) J.S Bach — Toccata and Fugue as performed by Karl Richter

Lastly, a little classical piece that many are familiar with, Toccata and Fuge by Johann Sebastian Bach. I added this on to the list to represent the extreme love I hold for classical music in general. Being a French Horn player, I love to listen and perform many pieces in the wind ensemble and orchestral setting. Srsly, listen to old music. It’s fucking good.


One Response to Moar Music

  1. Sail says:

    Holy SHIT does Claudio look young in that video. And the mop had yet to reach full capacity.

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