Old Star Trek press photos unearthed

FROM JASON’S RECENTLY CLEANSED NEWSROOM — So my company is building a new $6 million office, and today reporters were drafted to help purge the old digs of tens of thousands of obsolete documents.

Three decades of photos, police reports, sports statistics, and public meeting agendas were quickly sorted. The trash was tossed from second-story windows into a fleet of dumpsters.

I rescued some of the nerdier loot. My inner Trekkie wouldn’t let these promotional photos go to the landfill (CLICK THUMBNAILS TO ENBIGGEN):

Star Trek: The Original Series

The big three


This 1968 TOS shot of Kirk (William Shatner), Bones (DeForest Kelley), and Spock (Leonard Nimoy) was provided to newspapers over the wire when Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry died in 1991. The slug briefly outlines how Roddenberry, 70, succumbed to a heart attack at Santa Monica Hospital Medical Center.

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Kirk has an Austin Powers thing going on


I would give just about anything to be Dr. Gillian Taylor (Catherine Hicks, regrettably later of Seventh Heaven fame) in this shot. Is it strange to have a man-crush on The Shatner? I don’t think so. I feel obliged to point out that Hicks’ TV husband on Seventh Heaven, Stephen Collins, stars in Star Trek: The Motion Picture (aka Star Trek: Driving Through Space For Two Hours).

Just sing Mr. Bo Jangles already


Spock loses the ears for a while to get behind the camera. Nimoy directed The Voyage Home (aka Star Trek: The One With the Whales) as well as Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. He wrote Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

I think ST:V really could have used a Nimoy touch. Maybe then the Kirk wouldn’t have killed God by shooting a photon torpedo at him.

Clearly a superimposed still on a model


Spock, McCoy, Sulu (George Takei), Uhura (Nichelle Nichols, Scotty (James Doohan), and Kirk use a shuttle craft — instead of a handy transporter for some reason — to navigate through Starfleet’s Space Dock on their way to the Enterprise (NCC-1701-A).

Prepare the flux capacitor… ENGAGE!


The Klingon Bird of Prey carrying the Enterprise crew loses power as it swoops under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. I guess it’s time to go find the nuclear wessels so Doc Brown can recharge the Delorean and Marty can get back to the future. Call me cynical, but IV was such a BTTF rip-off that I’ll bet they originally thought about making Kirk meet and sleep with his own mother.


Look what I learned at business school, Mom

The Klingon ambassador demands Federation cooperation in the extradition of Kirk. He has teh mad Powerpoint skillz.

You could tell he was gay in 1986


Look at Takei hamming it up in the middle there. Geez. Newsflash, Sulu: YOU’RE NOT A VULCAN.

It may look old, but this shot was distributed as part of a 1991 press junket even though it was from the 1986 promotion of ST:IV. I think the sepia tone has something to do with a chemical treatment of the negative.

Are they in, or are they out?


I remember the 1980s. I remember French cuffs. I do not recall, however, waistlines that covered my rib cage, wide belts over blazers, or tucking pants into my boots. The only one with an excuse here is Spock. The rest had better hide from Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Behold, the second coming


I’m a child of the TNG all the way. Sure, I watched reruns of the original series as a very young boy; they would run in syndication on Sunday afternoons. But the launch of NextGen in 1987 was life-changing. I contend that Star Trek makes you a better person, and I say that Picard was as good a father figure as any.

This 1991 promo shows Riker (Jonathan Frakes), Data (Brent Spiner), Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg), La Forge (LaVar Burton), Worf (Michael Dorn), Troi (Marina Sirtis), Picard (Patrick Stewart), and Crusher (Gates McFadden).

Yeah, he totally Riked her

trek09.jpgIf TNG was the second coming of Star Trek, then Riker was the second coming of Kirk. It seemed The Mighty Beard nailed just about every femalien in the Alpha Quadrant before season three finished, then had to start again. Frakes didn’t stop there, though; he convinced writers to star him as his twin brother, Thomas, so together they could Rike (that’s a verb now) twice the women.

I have dedicated my face to duplicating the Riker beard: Mark II.


2 Responses to Old Star Trek press photos unearthed

  1. scuzzbuster says:

    How did I watch all those seasons of Next Gen without realizing how utterly ridiculous Whoopi Goldberg’s hat was?

  2. edward matthews says:

    I understand that it is very easy to pick apart movies, especially that of star trek, sure i agree with a lot of what you have said but, a back to the future rip off? come on man, back to the future was a good movie, no doubt, the second one was okay but star trek 4 can not be accused of ripping off a standard b-movie like that. now the clothing” in essence sure, even in the 23rd century, style from years ago comes back. look at bell bottoms. It was an effort in change to make the characters look different in many ways but not look too ridiculous at the same time. I will admit, star trek the next generation was a complete an utter disappointment. they continually claimed that they were trying not to make Picard seem like Kirk, but as you watch the shows, the personality is different but the motives are still the same. “lookout crew, I’ll do it, so I can be the hero.” sure it was supposed to be a new crew a new ship, and a shady crew it was. the bearded man, the bald Eisenhower, the way too serious doctor, the visor boy, the humanoid c-3p0, and lets not forget the vulcan/klingon. let’s face it most star trek fans tuned in hoping to catch a glimpse of the old. let’s move on, the follow up television series of star trek were just….stupid. moving on. let me just throw this one in here, Stargate…. uggh. the movie was great. But for god sakes man leave it there. that show was about as exciting as a warm bucket of hamster vommit. so sure, we are all critics and we all love to put down things we see on film. last but not least, sure they could have all beamed aboard the brand new Enterprise but would it have been as exciting as them doing the flyover. not so much. and maybe those are the kind of details left out of a film. so people can smile at the end.

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