Customizing a cell phone is easy with the right tools

FROM JASON’S CELL PHONE — Those ringtones on your phone are just little WAV and MP3 files, and the wallpapers are just tiny JPGs. That means you could convert your phone to just about any theme — if only there were a way to get your custom clips and images to it.

Sure, you could pay $2.99 per ringtone to buy through the service provider. Or you could use a couple of simple online tools to upload any ringer and any wallpaper for free.

For some phones, getting free toys straight from the Internet is a snap. Some providers, though — like Verizon — make it quite counter-intuitive to get anything at all to or from a phone (especially the lower-end ones).

It took quite a bit of digging to find upload tools that weren’t scams, overly complicated software downloads, bloatware, or pay sites. These links below, however, work like a charm:

Upload free ringtones

Upload free wallpapers

Get wallpaper dimensions

Upload free ringtones Upload free wallpaper Get wallpaper dimensions


It takes about 5-12 minutes for the messages to traverse the cell network and beep to your phone. Be patient and don’t spam yourself like I did the first time trying to get it to work.


My phone has been converted to a Star Trek communicator using this ship’s intercom hailing sound along with a text message tone from Worf. This one from Data or this computer dialogue also work pretty well.

Couple it with this United Federation of Planets logo wallpaper I cropped, and you’re set to go.

It’s a little bit nerdy, sure, but you should have heard the reaction from my co-workers the first time I got a call at the office. I couldn’t resist flipping the phone open dramatically and doing my best Shatner.


2 Responses to Customizing a cell phone is easy with the right tools

  1. showmescifi says:

    neat idea but…

    Your link to the .wav file isn’t working ..looks like they’re blocking you.
    Here’s a page that includes the file too –

  2. Techitorial says:

    Its really fantastic to see . and read ..I really appreciate your work … nice !

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