Quick Silver Screen takes up the TV Links cross

qss.pngFROM THE RELATIVELY EMPTY REGIONS OF THE UNIVERSE OUTSIDE THE ATMOSPHERES OF CELESTIAL BODIES — I’ll admit it. I shed a tiny tear Oct. 18 as our brethren solemnly committed the soul of TV Links to the ground.

The UK-based torrent aggregator was killed when its 26-year-old owner and operator was arrested by Gloucestershire police.

But now, after a month in mourning, it’s time to raise the black veil. Andrew sent me a link yesterday that leads me to believe that TV Links lives on in pirate heaven. It appears that Quick Silver Screen has taken up the mantle as the cataloger of available video media.

Like its spiritual predecessor, QSS does not host movies, TV shows, cartoons, and anime, but merely links to other places they are hosted. Using the DivX codec, it then streams it directly to your browser.

So far, I’ve not run across any broken links on QSS, but if the site has a weakness it’s that the media player takes an incredibly long time to buffer, at least for mundane broadband users such as myself. Andrew, on the other hand, is sitting on a campus backbone — which means that he can not only load QSS movies in a blink, but he can also make SkyNet into John Connor’s bitch with a few deft keystrokes.

The videos I am have watched so far are in much higher resolution than their YouTubian counterparts, but as always the torrent model is crippled by popularity. Don’t expect to find all great movies on QSS, at least for the time being. There was no Kung Fu Hustle there when I checked earlier, so, I mean, c’mon.


2 Responses to Quick Silver Screen takes up the TV Links cross

  1. Garfeee says:

    Let’s just hope QSS owner doesnt get arrested too.

    Power to the people! =)

  2. james says:

    good website but you need some games and images

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