Epiphony lets me play in glorious, big sound

November 18, 2007

jack1.jpgFROM JASON’S TOYOTA CAMRY — It was so obvious, but I’d been sitting on a pile of vehicular awesome for months and didn’t even realize it.

Spaghetti-armed from raking leaves all day, I let my wife drive about half an hour to her parents’ house this evening. As normal, I hooked my iPod into the car’s stereo using the headphone jack and started listening to some Violent Femmes.

As I leaned back in the seat, I remembered the Nintendo DS in my coat pocket, and suddenly stars of Mario 64 goodness exploded in my head.

I flipped it open, switched the headphone jack from the iPod to the DS, and went after Bowser in full, thunderous, 12-speaker sound.

Granted, the DS has a fairly minimal sound quality, given that it’s meant to use very small speakers or ‘phones. But the sheer atmosphere of the thudding car system more than made up for the limited bitrate.

When my non-gamer wife started to get a little pissy, I switched Mario for Elite Beat Agents and placated her with I Was Born to Love You by Queen and Canned Heat by Jamiroquai.

In all, I can’t recommend this enough — especially if you’re trying to get a party atmosphere going with some friends in the car. Just don’t try it while you’re behind the wheel.