The man who put the ping in our Pong

FROM JASON’S GAPING MAW OF ADMIRATION — It seems crazy, but people who study the Earth’s ancient past — historiticians, we call them — have discovered that once upon a time there were no vidjagames.

It was a dark and unenlightened time. We can only tell from fossil remains how primitive Man survived with flint and twigs, herding the wild mammoths and fending off sabre-toothed tigers. Yes, the 1960s were a dangerous era, and pastologists continue to puzzle out how Cro-Nixon man weathered Nature’s harsh kill-or-be-killed contest.

Then Ralph Baer emerged to give his tribe the greatest invention since fire: Pong.

This documentary shows Baer’s story: How a veteran dreamed of using vacuum tubes and laughable “micro”chips to make the world’s simplest electronic game in 1972.


Step 1: Insert quarter.

Step 2: Ball will serve automatically.

Step 3: Avoid missing ball for high score.


One Response to The man who put the ping in our Pong

  1. […] seems that I inadvertently blogged about clips from the miniseries earlier this month before it aired — at least in the U.S. It was originally a BBC production, […]

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