For 8 cents a day, you can feed this starving child

FROM JASON’S DESK OF RAGE — How dare these mongrels demand payment for rendering a product that produces millions of dollars?

I was a big fan of NBC for about a week. There was a glorious but brief period last month when the network was providing its shows online in relatively high resolution; the video player was proprietary and a bit laggy, depending on bandwidth load, but overall I could watch my episodes of Chuck and The Office with little trouble.

“Hey,” I said to myself. “Self — it looks like they’re finally catching on. They’ve figured out how to appease the Intarweb gods and offer content online!”

Then came the ads… or the promotions-in-the-promotions, if Tobey and Kelley are to be believed (see video above).

I love NBC. As a matter of fact, the majority of shows — by far! — that I watch are on the Peacock Network. But some knuckleheads in the advertising department let me down.

They tried sticking ads into the full-episode stream. There is no way to skip the ads. They cut randomly (not at regular ad breaks) into the action. They are clunky, and half the time freeze the video irreparably.

Moreover, there is no way I’m going to rush out to buy the lamerz products they’re pushing: Retirement funds? Really? That’s what you’re trying to sell on the Web? Kmart Blue Light Specials and Martha Stewart products?

Who are these befuddled ad executives?

The kicker: Whatever money they are beating out of these clueless advertisers isn’t going to the show’s writers.

That’s write (pun, sorry). The people who made the show aren’t getting paid when it airs on the web, even though it’s making money for the producers. All the Writers Guild of America wants is 8 cents — a 4-cent increase — on royalties from Internet and DVD sales.

Give it to them, or god help me I won’t buy any more TV on DVD.


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